AAA Héroes Inmortales XII live results and open thread

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AAA is putting on one of their ‘big five’ events tonight (Sunday, October 28, 2018). Héroes Inmortales XII will emanate from Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo in Puebla, Puebla. A city so nice, they named it twice. Not really, but don’t let facts get in the way of a good time.

Héroes Inmortales XII can be viewed live for free on AAA’s Twitch channel here. Another option is paying $5 US to subscribe on Twitch and get AAA content on demand.

Programming note: Sunday was a time change in Mexico. That means the 6pm show starts at 8pm ET in the USA. Adjust accordingly for elsewhere in the world.

The feature bout will be Jeff Jarrett against Dr. Wagner Jr. in a hair vs hair bet. The loser will get a free haircut. Lucha Underground fans will recognize Killer Kross (aka The White Rabbit), Hijo del Fantasma (aka King Cuerno), Texano, Pimpinela Escarlata, Drago, and Aerostar. Special appearances from Blue Demon Jr. and Scarlett Bordeaux have been announced as well. Get up to speed about the rest with a preview and predictions.

Enjoy the show and have fun chatting it up in the open thread. This will be my first time doing quick results. Feel free to make fun of any mistakes. A proper recap and rundown will be separate on Monday. Grab some Mexican beverages, and let’s do this!

Quick results:

Hair vs Hair: Jeff Jarrett vs Dr. Wagner Jr.

Psycho Clown & Murder Clown vs Killer Kross & a surprise luchador

Copa Antonio Peña: La Parka vs Chessman vs Pagano vs Hijo del Vikingo vs Super Fly vs La Parka Negra vs Hijo del Fantasma vs Dragon Bane vs La Mascara vs Averno vs Australian Suicide vs Angelikal vs Niño Hamburguesa

Tag Team Championship: Texano Jr. & Rey Escorpion vs Flamita & Bandido vs Andrew Everett & DJZ

Mamba, Pimpinela Escarlata, & Maximo vs El Poder del Norte vs Laredo Kid, Drago, & Aerostar

Reina de Reinas Championship: Faby Apache vs Starfire vs Keyra vs a surprise luchadora

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