A Must See Athlete (Everywhere) Outside of the WWE

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PePentagon Jr continues to gain exposure across many of the biggest promotions outside of the WWE; picking up fans every step of the way.

There’s something special about the time when rumors pop up around particular wrestlers heading to the land of the WWE. While fans and pundits love to speculate, the simple mention of some names creates a level of interest that may have eluded them previously.

Such could be said about Pentagon Jr., a man that has been riding a wave of action across professional wrestling to make him one of the most intriguing men on the “independent” circuit. Whether you’re familiar with his accolades or not, Pentagon Jr. is an entertainer that you must see and will not forget once you do.

Whenever someone thinks of their first time watching Pentagon Jr. in action, their reaction is usually along the lines of, “Oh my God! What did I just watch?” The 33-year old wrestler hails from Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico and performs in a way that’s a throwback to the Lucha Libre style from years ago; yet, mixed in are the stories and the high spots that hardcore fans today love.

With more than a decade of experience in the professional wrestling industry, it’s easy to find standout matches in his catalog, but thanks to the impact that the Internet has had on the industry today, Pentagon Jr. is becoming much more than a cult favorite.

While many will look to his time in Lucha Underground as their first exposure to Pentagon Jr, his time in AAA is where his first steps to stardom began. It was there he earned multiple championships and other awards, setting his path to promotions across the United States and beyond.

The next door was opened with Lucha Underground in 2014, which would lead to stints in PWG, AAW, Impact Wrestling, MLW and participating in All In against Kenny Omega. Along the way, Pentagon Jr. let everyone know exactly why he’s a joy to watch, regardless of the exact reason why you love professional wrestling.

First, let’s talk about his look. From the masks, to the body suit, to the face paint and tattoos, Pentagon Jr has the look that could fit into any era of professional wrestling. In an industry that requires larger than life personas, Pentagon fits that mold perfectly. When coupled with his catch phrase of “Cero Miedo,” Pentagon hooks fans from the first moment he steps into the ring. Pentagon has a look that fits seamlessly as a either a heel or a face; the point is that he connects with the fans and gets them interested in his work.

That takes the conversation to how Pentagon Jr. works in the ring, and that’s another major strength of this competitor. At 210 pounds, he moves like the perfect mix between a cruiserweight and a heavyweight, landing dives to the outside and following up with power moves like his Pentagon Driver, package pile driver, or the Gift of the Gods arm breaker. In many ways he has the perfect move-set that translates between all character types in professional wrestling, making him a versatile member of any locker room and capable of acclimating to the styles of those that stand opposite him in the ring.

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Whether you are watching Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, or MLW, Pentagon Jr. is one of the names that you should closely watch. He’s a breath of fresh air for those who want stars outside of the WWE brand and a character that garners more fans every time his action flashes across the screen.

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