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If you’ve trained Muay Thai, you know how it can heal your soul, changing your whole life in the process. . .


Muay Thai saved my life. It’s so surreal to think about it now, but Muay Thai absolutely, 100% saved my life.

There was a point in time when I was at an ultimate low. I had no direction, no real goals (and certainly no way of achieving them even if I did have them) and I wasn’t sure how to get myself out of this overwhelming whole-life funk that I was in. Something had to change and sure enough, it did: I found Muay Thai. I made it my life. I leaped, feet-first, into the sport, pouring myself into its every facet. I sold all my stuff and left America to make a new home where my sport was born. Now I’m here, in Thailand, living on a beautiful island, with a backyard that’s steps away from the ocean, with a partner-in-crime who has, like me, turned her life around and made a passion into a life’s mission. I say it every day, but I truly am blessed to be living the life I did considering the life I used to live.

If you, a nak muay, have ever been in that “ultimate low” I talked about, then you KNOW the amazing power that Muay Thai has to reshape and rebuild your life. It is an undeniable force for positive change when you commit to training and earn your discipline on the mats. That discipline turns into positive change in your life beyond the gym.

And, guys, that’s exactly why Nak Muay Nation hosts uniquely restorative and ultra-adventurous Muay Thai retreats! Because Muay Thai did what it did for me, I am doing my part to give that experience to others – like Christina in the video below.

Learn more about Christina’s empowering experience at our most recent camp in beautiful Greece in the video below. (Sidenote: this can be your experience, too! Fill out the survey to learn what Nak Muay Nation’s got in store for 2019.)

Greece Muay Thai Retreat: Empowerment & Friendships

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