A Chris Jericho pic that won’t start any AEW rumors

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Call him a provocateur. Call him a troll. One of the things Chris Jericho is good at is stirring the pot with a simple tweet or picture and getting the internet rumor mill/fan speculation machine fired up.

It hasn’t taken much since he signed with All Elite Wrestling. It doesn’t even have to be a current picture of Y2J smiling next to a fellow wrestler. Just pull something that was snapped back when “potentially misused WWE talent so-and-so” was a guest on Talk Is Jericho back in 2016 and… voila! Attention!

Well, we finally have one which definitely won’t lead to any rumors the guy Chris is standing next to will sign with Tony Khan’s new fed. Heck, it might even squash a few rumors of heat between Jericho and his old bosses/co-workers at WWE!

Triple H and Fozzy’s frontman got to catch up at Ric Flair’s 70th birthday bash in Atlanta last night (Feb. 22). They probably didn’t talk about Tye Dillinger. But they may have compared notes on dealing with Kenny Omega.

Keep your eyes on the Rumor Roundup for updates. Or, just enjoy a shot of former co-workers enjoying themselves at a friend’s party. Whatevs.

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