5 Winners And 5 Losers From The Superstar Shake-Up

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The April 15 edition of WWE Raw was night one of the 2019 superstar shake-up and the red brand saw many new faces grace its presence in what could be a career-defining night for some.

Last night’s WWE Raw saw the red brand add new faces to its brand through the first night of the superstar shakeup, but for as good as some of the moves are being viewed by the WWE universe, others aren’t getting as much positive praise with doubt being cast on the future of these superstars on Monday nights.

Which superstars benefited from last night and which didn’t?  With that being said, let’s take a look at five winners and five losers from night one of the 2019 superstar shake-up.


5. Naomi

As a former SmackDown Women’s Champion and Women’s Battle Royal winner at WrestleMania, Naomi is a well-decorated superstar in the WWE that can help out any brand she’s on.  However, over the past several months, Naomi hasn’t had a clear direction over on the blue brand, a brand in which she has found the most success in her career over the past few years.

Switching her over to Monday nights might be the change needed for her to get back on track and find a clear direction.  Naomi still has a lot to offer and she’s still one of the most popular women’s superstars in the company, so seeing her on a different brand facing different superstars should be enough for the WWE universe to feel the glow once again.

4. The Miz

He’s been on the best run of his entire career over the past few years and just had one of the best matches at this year’s WrestleMania with Shane McMahon.  The Miz is the A-Lister of the WWE and one of the WWE’s most reliable and consistent superstars, so seeing him back on Raw could be a great move for both him and the brand itself.

The Miz could have just as much success on either the blue brand or the red brand, so this might feel like a lateral move for his career to some, but given his reality show is on Raw’s USA Network and SmackDown is headed to FOX later this year, this move makes more sense.  The A-Lister makes every show he’s on must-see, so the red brand is now sitting pretty with his services.

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