5 new opponents for a returning Killian Dain

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It was reported some months ago that Killian Dain could be reporting back to WWE NXT. Judging by the latest episodes, those reports are true.

In light of the Superstar Shake-Up, resident crazy stable and former NXT Tag Team Champs, Sanity, were split across different WWE brands after spending about a year on SmackDown Live as a unit. Eric Young went to Raw – where, apart from a clobbering from Seth Rollins, he’s been mostly absent from – while Alexander Wolfe was drafted to NXT UK, the latter making his debut on the British black and gold brand mere weeks ago as a member of WALTER’s Imperium.

Meanwhile, Killian Dain’s whereabouts have been unknown until recently.

Back in May, The Wrestling Observer had reported that plans were in place from WWE for Dain to report back to the original black and gold brand. This time, for a singles run. Since the last couple episodes of NXT have featured hype packages for the return of Killian Dain, it’s safe to say that those rumored plans are true now.

While his entire WWE career thus far has seen the heavyweight attached to Sanity as their big muscle, anyone who has seen Dain’s pre-WWE run as Big Damo – particularly in ICW where he was a World Heavyweight Champion, or in Defiant Wrestling (then WCPW) where he was the brand’s first World Champion – knows that he has what it takes to succeed on his own.

Not only does a singles run in NXT provide a heap of potential for the big man, but it also opens the door for some promising feuds to take place down the line on the black and gold brand. Here are just some potential feuds.

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