5 Female WWE Superstar Standout Moments This Week

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Alexa Bliss

Credit: WWE.com

Even considering the regularity with which we’re given quality women’s wrestling these days, this week was pretty eventful for the female WWE Superstars. Despite a few hiccups, a lot of really big steps were taken that could be giving hints at where the women’s divisions are going in the coming months.

We’ve got a new female authority figure on the main roster and a whole lot of tag teams getting a lot of the spotlight. Becky Lynch also made a return this week to get the ball rolling on what promises to be a show-stealing SmackDown Women’s Championship match at TLC. On top of all this, the first ever NXT UK Women’s Champion was crowned.

Alexa’s Got This

Alexa Bliss has been on the injured list since just before the big all women’s pay-per-view Evolution, where she was scheduled to compete alongside Mickie James against Trish Stratus and Lita. That’s a dream match for any young female Superstar to be a part of, but unfortunately Alexa not only missed that match, but also the chance to compete at the 2018 Survivor Series.

We’ve all been wondering when the self-proclaimed “Goddess” of WWE would step back into the ring but it would seem that, for now, WWE is making plans to get Bliss comfortable in another role.

On Raw this week, acting General Manager (now General Manager Elect, apparently) Baron Corbin put Alexa Bliss in charge of the entire Raw Women’s Division. This feels like a big red flag as it pertains to her injury status, but could this be yet another golden ticket for one of the biggest stars in wrestling?

No one is going to prefer to see Alexa on the sidelines in a managerial role, but a hiatus from the ring is only going to make us grow fonder of her. We will still get to see her every week on television, and in this way, her character work will only flourish. This is a genius move by the company because even though Alexa Bliss is no slouch in the ring, her true talent shines when she’s holding a microphone. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone better in the women’s division at selling a storyline.

Most things the Goddess touches usually turn to gold, so I’m very intrigued by the potential of this new angle.

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