4 possible mystery partners for Finn Balor

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Next week on WWE Raw, Finn Balor will take on Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush, but his partner hasn’t been revealed yet. Who could team up with the “Extraordinary Man” in Chicago?

It looked like Finn Balor would head into WWE WrestleMania as the Intercontinental Champion after defeating Bobby Lashley for the prestigious title at the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View in Houston, but Lio Rush had other plans.

On the Mar. 11 episode of WWE Raw in Pittsburgh, Lio Rush rang the bell to distract Balor, later costing him the IC Title in a rematch with Bobby Lashley, who countered a Balor crossbody into a devastating spear to pick up a second title victory.

This Monday, WWE announced that Balor must team up with a mystery partner to take on the dynamic duo of Lashley and Rush, who have been on the same page despite moments of tension between them.

Balor will need a strong opponent in order to beat a team as talented and in-sync as Rush and Lashley are, and the WWE Universe could be in for a special treat in a beloved babyface like Sami Zayn or Johnny Gargano were to form a brief “dream team” with Balor.

So here are four possible partners for Finn on the upcoming episode of Raw in Chicago.

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