3rd Coast Grappling Announces Brown & Black Belt Tournament With $50k In Prize Money

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Image Source: 3rd Coast Grappling

On the heels of their second major event, Texas-based promotion Third Coast Grappling has announced that their next major competition will feature a sixteen-man tournament with a combined prize total of $50,000.

The gi tournament will be open weight, and entry will be available to brown and black belts. The winner will receive $30k, the runner-up will earn $20k, third place will win $7k, and even the fourth place finisher will go home with $3k.

This, of course, will be in addition to Third Coast Grappling 3’s six featured superfights. As a reminder, Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena have already been announced as one of the matches, and based on 3CG’s previous events, we can expect the rest of the superfights to be just as star-studded.

You can apply to participate in the tournament on 3CG’s website here.

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