3 Ways WWE Can Implement Women’s Tag Team Titles

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Credit: WWE.com

The fan base has been chomping at the bit for WWE to finally create Women’s Tag Team Titles, but what is the best way to go about introducing them?

As the Women’s Revolution train chugs ever-forward, we are constantly treated to new and groundbreaking announcements. Between the inaugural women’s Hell in a Cell, Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, and Royal Rumble matches, there have been enough “first evers” over the last couple of years to keep the heads of women’s wrestling fans spinning.

The progress of this movement has been coming at a rapid pace and now, for the first time in thirty years, hope is finally once again alive for the introduction of Women’s Tag Team titles.

In the same year we were treated to the retirement of the Divas Championship and crowning of the first ever Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champions. Those champions were Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, respectively, and they’re still carrying the division as possibly its two biggest stars aside from Ronda Rousey.

Since that time two years ago, we have seen the divisions on both Raw and SmackDown overflowing with valuable talent and the fact that there are only two titles to contend for means most of them will never reach the top of the mountain, or at least they may not do so in a timely fashion.

The time is ripe for tag titles to be added to the women’s division, and fuel has been added to the fire following a recent comment Stephanie McMahon made to Sky Sports regarding WWE’s awareness of the demand. With Women’s Tag Team titles practically a given at this point, now the discussion shifts to how to implement them in a practical sense. Let’s take a look at three ways this can be done in WWE’s current landscape.

Two Sets of Titles

Creating two sets of women’s tag titles – one for Raw, one for SmackDown – is probably the most immediately obvious way to go. As it stands each show has its own equivalent to whatever other championship the other has. That seems to work pretty well for now (though, as someone who values symmetry and balance, my gears are really ground by the lack of uniformity in the names of some of these titles), but the crowning of both Raw and SmackDown Women’s Tag Team Champions seems highly unlikely.

Despite the high number of female Superstars on Raw and SmackDown, the pool of talent is just not there for four additional title holders in the main roster women’s division, and there certainly aren’t currently enough tag teams on each show. For instance, there are the IIconics on SmackDown, but who would challenge them? Naomi and Asuka are a thing, but really, how long is that going to last? Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville are pretty much history at this point, while Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch aren’t likely to see much of a future together as a tandem.

Still, if WWE really wants to make two sets of women’s tag team titles work, it could be done. They have an overwhelming number of worthy women that could be called up from NXT or NXT UK, and more are currently training at the Performance Center. That’s not even considering all the women who have competed in the first two Mae Young Classics and still haven’t been signed to contracts. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely the company will dig this deep and call on talent they see as green.

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