3 superstars who could be SmackDown’s ‘biggest acquisition’

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With AJ Styles, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Naomi, The Usos, and Andrade all headed to Raw, WWE SmackDown is in need of some big acquisitions on Tuesday night of the Superstar Shakeup.

Though the first night of the Superstar Shakeup was somewhat dry on the entertainment front, fans have a lot to be excited for when it comes to the future of Raw. WWE sent stars The Usos, War Raiders (I refuse to call them “The Viking Experience” unless I have to), Naomi, and AJ Styles, among others, to Raw, and these superstars will greatly increase the quality of wrestling on a show that stagnated for several months.

But who will SmackDown Live get in return? Already, Vince McMahon is advertising “the biggest acquisition” in the history of the Blue Brand, and with a promise like that, you can bet WWE will find a way to underdeliver. Just kidding, because, to be honest with you, most fans will be upset if an outsider like Conor McGregor or Rob Gronkowski were to suddenly join the SmackDown roster, FOX deal or no FOX deal.

Anyway, there are only a limited number of wrestlers who fit the bill as someone Vince would actually unveil as the “biggest acquisition”, and based on the way the NXT Tag Team Champions were introduced as “The Viking Experience”, that kind of rules out the stars of NXT. Apologies to Shayna Baszler, Matt Riddle, The Velveteen Dream, and Adam Cole; you’d be the biggest acquisitions for the fans.

So who could Vince be talking about here? Let’s take a look at three superstars from Raw that Vince could deem as the “biggest acquisitions”.

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