3 Superstars That Need A Win The Most

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WWE SmackDown Live Daniel Bryan stomping AJ Styles

The road to WrestleMania will kick off in a matter of days when WWE Royal Rumble 2019 leaves its mark on the biggest time of each year in the WWE.

WWE Royal Rumble 2019 will be the 31st straight year of one of the big four pay-per-views in the WWE that always results in one of the most exciting and unpredictable nights of the year.

Outside of the two Royal Rumble matches, there are a few other important matches as well that could greatly affect the road to WrestleMania.  With that being said, let’s take a look at three superstars that need a win the most at WWE Royal Rumble 2019.

3. Daniel Bryan

Who would have ever thought that the start of the road to WrestleMania in 2019 would feature Daniel Bryan as the WWE Champion?  It seemed impossible after his apparent career-ending injury issues, but when his comeback was solidified nearly a year ago, certainly nobody imagined this would have come with Bryan as a heel.

But alas, The New Daniel Bryan was born as well as one of the top heels in the business.  It’s a far cry from the babyface Bryan that took the wrestling world by storm a few years back, but it has worked out tremendously so far.  Bryan dethroned AJ Styles for the WWE Championship on the SmackDown prior to Survivor Series, but Styles is far from done with Bryan.

After winning a number one contenders match a few weeks ago, The Phenomenal One will challenge The New Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship.  In recent weeks, Styles has found himself to a degree thanks to a challenge by Mr. McMahon.  And thus, The Real AJ Styles was born and he will be looking to regain the prize he held for over a year.

As good as Styles always is as WWE Champion, it just feels like Bryan deserves a longer title reign that about two months.  This new side of his character has reinvigorated what stood as basically a nostalgia act for a while.  Seeing Bryan carry the WWE Championship into WrestleMania 35 would be extremely captivating and the possibilities are endless as to what he could do at the granddaddy of them all.

Either man would make it work heading into WrestleMania as champion, but The New Daniel Bryan should be the one leaving the Royal Rumble with the title around his waist.

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