3 Superstars That Need A Win The Most At WWE Fastlane 2019

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WWE Fastlane 2019 is the final pay-per-view stop on the Road to WrestleMania, and could serve as a big turning point on that road for some of the biggest angles currently going in the WWE.

At WWE Fastlane 2019, WrestleMania 35 plans could take a big change for many superstars with several key match-ups lined up with championships on the line and the granddaddy of them all getting closer and closer.

There are several important battles set to take place, but which superstars could use a win the most here?  Let’s take a look at three superstars that need a win the most at WWE Fastlane 2019.

3. Asuka

It took longer than it should have taken given her momentum on the main roster at this time last year, but Asuka finally capturing a main roster championship was a sight for sore eyes.  ‘The Empress Of Tomorrow’ won the SmackDown Women’s Championship at TLC back in December, but she hasn’t necessarily been used appropriately since.

Despite an impressive title defense against Becky Lynch at Royal Rumble, Asuka hasn’t had much of a direction since winning the title.  In fact, she has even struggled to find TV time in recent weeks, often times being off of TV altogether.

However, in recent memory, she has found her next challenger in a superstar Corey Graves calls “God’s Greatest Creation.”

Mandy Rose had been a thorn in the side of Naomi for weeks, but lately, she has proven to be a valid option for a SmackDown Women’s Championship opportunity.  And since getting the better of Asuka a couple of weeks ago on SmackDown, Rose has earned her way into a championship match with ‘The Empress Of Tomorrow’ at Fastlane.

However, even with Rose’s recent rise of sorts, this needs to be Asuka’s moment once the dust clears.

Rose could be a solid SmackDown Women’s Champion someday, and she is already an effective heel, but Asuka needs to retain her title here.

In what has to be considered a bit of a disappointing title reign so far given her lack of creative direction, Asuka is due a big moment at WrestleMania in a key championship match.

The only way for that to happen is if ‘The Empress Of Tomorrow’ walks out of Fastlane with the SmackDown Women’s Championship still around her waist.

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