3 Superstars that need a win the most at WWE Extreme Rules 2019

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It’s dubbed the one night of the year the WWE goes extreme and in a matter of days, WWE Extreme Rules 2019 will give fans a chance to see several extreme style matches that could greatly affect the future of the product.

WWE Extreme Rules 2019 is one week away and the card is still being finalized, but the matches already announced offer up a nice variety for the WWE Universe in the midst of a night that is bound to get extreme.

There are several high profile match-ups already, but which Superstars could use a win the most?  Here are the three Superstars that need a win the most at WWE Extreme Rules 2019.

3. The Undertaker And Roman Reigns

The reign of terror caused by Shane McMahon over the past few months has affected many Superstars with Roman Reigns probably being the most affected.  However, Shane’s numbers advantage will take a backseat at Extreme Rules when Reigns will have a formidable tag team partner.

The Big Dog fell victim to the numbers game at Super ShowDown when Drew McIntyre helped Shane O’Mac get the win over Reigns.  The McMahon/McIntyre duo will be alive and well at Extreme Rules, but for how long when The Deadman comes to take their souls?  The Undertaker’s unexpected return a couple of weeks ago to help Reigns fend off Shane and Drew led to a tag team match not many saw coming.

At Extreme Rules, it will be The Undertaker and The Big Dog against the “Best In The World” and The Scottish Psychopath in No Holds Barred tag team action.  Fans have wondered when someone will finally put an end to the Shane O’Mac push, but it looks like that might finally come to fruition thanks to The Phenom, who has made his evil intentions clear for both McIntyre and McMahon.

Reigns has drawn the short straw in his feud with Shane up to this point, but this is a match that has to go in the favor of Taker and Reigns.  Shane has won plenty as of late, in fact, probably too much, so his character needs to be brought back down to earth.  It needs to be done not only to halt this ridiculous Shane O’Mac push, but to also help get The Big Dog a much-needed leg up over him.

A 50-year-old part-time authority figure can only win so much, so The Deadman and The Big Dog need to get the win at Extreme Rules.

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