3 reasons why Drew McIntyre should move to SmackDown

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Last night, Drew McIntyre made his first appearance on WWE SmackDown since he was the third man in a band with Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal. Boy, a lot can change in five years.

At the top of the hour on SmackDown, The Bar interrupted The New Day’s WWE Championship celebration for Kofi Kingston. In their interruption, not only did the duo gloat about attacking the WWE Champion during the main event of Raw the night prior, but they also wanted to challenge The New Day to a Six Man Tag Team match later in the night. The pancake enthusiasts accepted the challenge, despite the math seeming a little off.

That was when Cesaro and Sheamus assured their future opponents that they did have a third man in mind for tonight. In fact, during their little invasion of the red brand last night, they managed to make a friend. From the looks of it, nobody could have asked for a better friend to have than the 6’5, 265 lb Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre.

In a sharp contrast from the last time he popped up on the blue brand, McIntyre actually has potential to make a big impact if he were to be moved permanently to SmackDown. Coincidentally, the Superstar Shakeup is going down next Monday on Raw and when it does, McIntyre could get traded to Tuesday nights. To be quite frank, that is exactly what should happen when the Superstar Shakeup is all said and done. Here are three reasons why.

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