3 Potential WWE Main Roster Feuds for EC3

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credit: wwe.com

EC3 has of course made his way back to the NXT roster, after his initial stint with the company that ended in 2013 and a successful career within the TNA and Impact Wrestling universe. A call up to the WWE main roster has to be imminent, so let’s do a little speculating, shall we? Who could We-CEC3 (I am so sorry) go head-to-head with once he reaches the main roster?

Since his NXT “debut” in the audience of NXT Takeover: Philadelphia in January, EC3 has wasted no time establishing himself as the “Top1%” of NXT, and thus far he’s had some high profile matches, including one for the inaugural NXT North American Championship.

EC3, in my humble opinion, has been ready to finally make a splash on the main roster, as he more than proved both his wrestling ability and his often hysterical promo prowess.

There’s never any harm in looking towards the future, so let’s take a look at some viable options for main-roster feuds for the Top One Percenter. Here’s a hint – as a bit of a TNA stan, I will seldom ever pass up booking what at one time would have been a very high-profile TNA match, on WWE programming.

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