205 Live needs to utilize legends more to boost the show

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Those that have the WWE Network are aware that 205 Live has talent. The most exciting hour in television has a diverse roster of the best cruiserweights in the world. However, the brand needs an extra boost to further show audiences that it is more than D show.

Pro wrestling as a whole is more inclusive than ever. That does not mean it is perfect. However, there is a variety of backgrounds and cultures represented in the sport.

Yet ironically the group of wrestlers that always seem to be rejected by the vocal fanbase are legends or part timers. Fans in this era seem to dislike wrestlers from the past showing up to clash with today’s stars.

It is almost viewed as a death sentence when a part timer returns. The same wrestlers we grew up loving.

For example, Undertaker vs Goldberg is happening at WWE Super Showdown. First the complaint is that part timers take a spot from a younger talent. Well, the two are facing each other so there’s more slots open. Moreover, a younger guy won’t take a loss by either of them. Still, many are against these superstars returning.

Let’s  be honest legends from the past do draw people in. Sometimes the returns fall flat. There are certain returns where it is obvious that father time has won the battle. Nonetheless, sometimes it produces some compelling television.

One thing is for sure, it gets more people talking and paying attention. This is why 205 Live needs to incorporate some legends and part timers. Cruiserweights of the past stepping out of retirement boosts the prestige of the Cruiserweight Championship.

Imagine X-Pac coming after Mike Kanellis in a feud. The pop would be tremendous for the DX hall of famer. Additionally, despite older age surely X-Pac can have Kanellis looking like a bigger star.

Gregory Helms aka The Hurricane was a legendary cruiserweight champ in the old version of the division. There’s a storyline that writes itself if he decided for a brief return. The Hurricane could want to prove he still has it as a “superhero”. There are many possible dream matches for some of the smaller guys to have.

With all due respect to Rey Mysterio, he can benefit WWE much more by working 205 Live for a while. Arguably the greatest little man ever needs to be giving back by shining in the cruiserweight division. He would bring instant star power and  can elevate guys like Oney Lorcan and Tony Nese.

WWE has taken some steps in the right direction with the cruiserweight division. Cedric Alexander is a Raw superstar. Ali and Buddy Murphy are Smackdown Live superstars. This shows a willingness to not keep them trapped in 205 Live. That is a good thing because the division is not a demotion.

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The company needs to show that the brand can have special attractions too. No better way to do that then to add some notable appearances on a semi regular basis.

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