205 Live Changes Its Broadcast Day

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205 Live Changes Its Broadcast Day

Definitely, nothing is simple for 205 Live. Indeed, fans are still struggling to focus on this division despite the excellent superstars present in the roster. What you need to know is that the event is taped after Smackdown Live and the audience on the spot is not very reactive during the show, now led by Triple H.

WWE has decided to shift the next episode of 205 Live. The reason is the return of the Mixed Match Challenge on September 19. Each episode will last 30 minutes and will consist of two matches for this second season. The final will be held at TLC PPV on December 16th.

Thus, 205 Live will be broadcast on the night of Wednesday, September 20. NXT will take the antenna on the WWE Network as early. We do not know yet if this schedule will be renewed or if it is valid only for the next week.

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